Trend of Drug Abuse Among Teenagers

There are a number of National studies that have looked at drug abuse among teenagers. Marijuana continues to one of the most commonly used drugs but the new trend appears to be prescription pills. The following statistics is from the Office of National Drug Control. The intentional use of prescription pills, such as sedatives, pain relievers, tranquilizers, and stimulants, is the growing concern in the United States. Prescription drug use among ages 12 – 17 have become the second most illegal drug behind marijuana.

According to the Office of National Drug Control Policy there are three classes of prescription drugs that are commonly abused:

1) Opioids – Codeine, Oxycodone, and Morphine

2) Central Nervous System (CNS) Depressants – Barbiturates and Benzodiazepine

3) Stimulants – Dextroamphetamine and Methylphenidate

Teenagers are viewing these drugs as a medically safe high. Teens can find prescription drugs easily from the internet, through e-mail, and also from family and friends. Generally these prescription drugs are easy to get and can be sold or traded for other drugs. Pain relievers like OxyContin and Vicodin are the most commonly abused drugs by teenagers.

Nearly 1 in 5 teenagers report abusing prescription drugs that were not prescribed to them. One-third of teens believe there is nothing wrong with using prescribed medication (not prescribed to them) once in a while and nearly three out of ten teens believe prescribed pain relievers are not addictive. Nearly one-third of teenagers feel pressure from their peers to abuse prescription and illegal drugs and nine percent admit it is an important part of fitting in.

In 2004, more than 29 percent of teens in treatment were there for prescription drug dependence. In the last decade prescription drug abuse has increased and the number of teens going into treatment has increased by 300 percent. More 12 – 17 year olds than young adults became dependent on or abused prescription drugs in the past year and teens that abuse drugs for the first time before the age of 16 has a greater risk of dependency later in life.

The increasing prescription drug abuse has become alarming. As parents it is our responsibility to make sure we are not making it easy for our teens to get a hold of our medications, to make sure we are cleaning out our medicine closets of all old prescription meds, and to monitor the medication our teen is prescribed making sure they are not selling it or abusing it. So many times teenagers will abuse their own medications or sell them to friends. They will trade them for other street drugs or marijuana. Parents should be aware of this trend with teens. It is more difficult to test for prescription pill abuse which make it easier for teens to abuse. It is our job as parents to educate our teens on the dangers of abusing prescription drugs.

I have worked with teens and their families for over 10 years. The drug problem has not lessened, the type of drugs change.

Increasing Statistics of Prescription

In order to survive in this competitive world, frustration, depression and anxiety seems to be ruling our world at every step. To escape from all these troubles, drugs seem to be the most potent medium. Besides the illegal drugs, the prescription also leads to a certain kind of addiction. It includes the use of sedatives, mood stabilizers and pain killers used by the victim against the prescription of the doctor ‘dosage. It has been found that a taking the drugs frequently leads to certain kind of addiction. Hence it is a kind of self medication, where the victim takes the drugs without even taking permission from the doctor. It has been found that the statistics of the prescription abuse is increasing day by day. Anti depressants and painkillers are the most frequently abused drugs.Like many other drugs, prescription also creates certain cravings within the individual. As a result, the person cannot resist himself from taking the drugs. He develops an insatiable craving, which becomes so much strong that he has to take one dose everyday at least. It has been found that teenagers are the worst victims of drug and alcohol abuse. Oxycodon and Vicodin are two of the most frequently abused drugs among the teenagers. They get abused to the drugs mainly at the social gatherings or at the parties. In the beginning they take the drugs just out of curiosity to find out what are the reasons for it. But gradually they develop the habit of taking it and finally this turns into an addiction process. So what was earlier a physical craving slowly becomes a psychological craving gradually.

The path to prescription begins with experimentation. Though the reasons for vary from person to person, yet some of the most common ones are genetics and the influence of social environment, any traumatic event in the childhood, abuse or neglect by the family members, early usage of drugs and also mental disorders like depression and anxiety. Though the symptoms vary from person to person, yet the effects of remain almost the same. If the drugs start controlling your life, the more you are moving forward from abuse to drug addiction. This will create a negative impact on the social and the economic life of an individual. If you are on a dangerous path of , it is always better to seek medical help as soon as possible.One of the most dangerous effects of the prescription is denial of the use of substances. Though the causes of may vary from person to person, yet the mind will always try to rationalize it every time there occurs a severe urge within the body. You may underestimate the amount of drugs that you are taking, but this may create a serious impact on the life.

How to Find Low and No Cost Alcohol or Drug Inpatient Rehab

Within our country, just about fourteen million individuals or one in every thirteen persons – misuse liquor or are alcoholics meaning that on in thirteen individuals need effective alcohol or drug inpatient rehab. Unfortunately, the sheer number of people who find themselves detrimentally afflicted by alcohol abuse is shocking, to say the least and too much for social service programs to handle. From partners, kids and employers who are addicted, to steeper crime rates or even drinking related traffic accidents and fatalities, there’s literally no individual who is unaffected by alcohol abuse or drug dependence. Regardless of how harsh the above may sound, the truth is, this tragedy is unnecessary, there happens to be solution of and dependency on alcohol.

It comes down to becoming educated and pinpointing the right route to recovery from addiction. Yet that itself may be every bit as tricky of an ordeal. Take heart, you’re not alone. In actuality, that’s just the spot where non-profit organizations and referral centers come in. Along with facts via thousands of drug rehabs all over the U.S., there are a number of low or no cost resources available to provide the strategies you need to collect the specifics of alcohol and so as to find information on a treatment center that fits your preferences to recover from your addiction.No matter if you wish to choose one of the many substance abuse rehab centers located in your state or whether you would opt for a facility which may be located elsewhere, with some effort and diligence, you can be personally placed with a program that matches with whatever your distinctive requirements are. Every family unit, every individual is one-of-a-kind and drug rehabs have the ability to accommodate the issues to fit unique goals, individually. In addition to that, although drug treatment counselors recognize that virtually all who go to a drug rehab facility have accepted their habit and want for guidance, it’s regrettably factual that some will need intervention and community social services can assist you to choose a center which accommodates this, too. Drug rehab facilities present you with each of the specific tools you will need to help make this demanding time, less of a challenge. Very quickly, you’ll start to see the light source at the end of this dark tunnel and you will fully grasp that the treatment procedure has been both crucial and also worth the effort. For now, there are many who understand you need the information and options to get started with the process and have confidences that you will be supported in finding the very best place to start on your road to a better existence as long as you are willing to put in the effort.To start the process of finding an alcohol or drug inpatient rehab, there are a number of avenues you can take. You can search online for non-profit referral sources, which are many.

You can visit your local social service offices and find out what local government office facilitates low and no cost treatment solutions. You can also begin attending AA or NA meetings where you will meet a plethora of people who have a wealth of info on obtaining drug treatment. Another method is to contact various residential drug rehab facilities and see what kind of assistance or scholarship programs are available.

No matter which route you choose, the important thing is that help is gotten sooner than later. Anyone can recover from addiction, never give up!